More Time, More Money, More Freedom: Why You Need to Start Batching Now!

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I spend considerable amount of time with my clients on creating a batching system that works for them.

I’ll be honest, at the start, many of my clients are very resistant to batching. The common fear is that it will be too restrictive and cumbersome. But because I know that so many benefits come from batching, I make it a priority.

Here’s the reality: if you want to create and deliver consistent content for your audience (and we all do), batching makes it so. much. easier.

You don’t have to just take my word for it. On a recent call, one of my clients told me that integrating a successful batching system for her blog and newsletter was so freeing that she now looked forward to creating content instead of dreading it.

So, how exactly does batching help your business?

Here are the three main reasons that I advocate for batch creation.

Batching saves you time

Here’s something you may or may not have heard: generally speaking, if you focus on one activity at a time, you will generally be more efficient. The same is true for content creation. If you create several pieces of content at once, you’ll decrease context switching and increase productivity.

This doesn’t mean you have to create every piece of content from start to finish in one sitting. Instead, work towards finding how you best create in batches. You may find that brainstorming and outlining four posts in one session works better for you than creating two from start to finish. Check out this post for more on that.

Batching makes you more money

There are two key ways that I see batching make businesses money. First, by creating content in advance, you can be more strategic, meaning that you can easily create content that compliments your offers by creating an editorial calendar.

Second, batching allows you to get more done in a focused amount of time. This means you’ll have available time in subsequent weeks to devote to other income-generating activities. More focus on income-generating activities means you get to generate more income. Makes sense, right?

Batching gives you freedom

Batching creates freedom in your business because it takes a task that likely looms over you for days or weeks at a time and gets. it. done.

For instance, I devote one week per month to drafting my blog posts and newsletters. My team then helps finish the posts off during the course of the next two weeks. Once we have a final draft, we create all the graphics and the posts are ready to set up for publication.

The end result is that I start the month with all of my content ready to send or share. So, as the month goes along, it takes a matter of minutes publish, share, and send.

Pretty cool, right?

The other great part is that if I have an off week when it comes to productivity, it doesn’t impact my content consistency.

Because, let’s be real, whether it’s a big client project or a sick kid, it’s so easy to put that post off for just one more day. But before you know it, it’s been three months since you last published, and we can all agree that that isn’t idea.

Batching also brings you freedom by freeing up the mental energy and space that creating content demands.

So, whether it’s time, money, or freedom that motivate you to start batching, get started with your batching plan today and enjoy that extra time, extra freedom, and extra dollars rolling in.

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