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Speaking Topics Include:

  • The Truth About Hiring an Integrator for Your Online Business
  • Stepping Out of the Day-to-Day and Stepping Up as the CEO of Your Business
  • How a Second Business Brain is the Key to Sustainable Scaling
  • Hot Mess to Organized and Efficient: Why the Right Type of Help in Your Business Is the Magic Ingredient

Featured On

The Real Life Behind-the-Scenes of an Agency with Maggie Patterson or BS Free Business.

Podcast Description: I don’t know about you, but I get some of my absolute best ideas by seeing how other people do things. It helps me connect the dots, affirm my experiences, and open up my mind to different approaches.

This is why I’m thrilled to bring you another behind-the-scenes look at an agency. In this episode, we’re taking a peek into Tressa Beheim’s boutique agency, where she and her team provide a full range of services to female entrepreneurs.

Doubling It and Building a Team in Your Services Busines started working with Maggie Patterson or BS Free Business.

Podcast Description: Today’s guest is Tressa Beheim, and I’m so excited to share today’s interview with you, as she’s a long-term member of the Double It Mastermind.

When I met Tressa a little over two years ago, she was just starting her business, and her growth since then has been incredible. What I love about Tressa is her commitment to consistently growing her business and doing the internal work to ensure that it’s done in a healthy way.

Plus, she’s pretty no BS — which you all know is how I am!

Mastering Delegation with Ignite Your Leadership Prowess.

Podcast Description: Tressa Beheim, Founder, Simplify Now, was our guest on the Ignite your Leadership Prowess Podcast with Mutiat Adebowale and she spoke on the benefits of outcome-focused delegation. She stated five benefits of focusing on outcomes rather than tasks when delegating:


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