Three Signs That You’ve Outgrown Your Email Marketing System

Business, like life, is about growth. Sometimes things that used to fit, suddenly seem to small. This is true for teams, office space, and even software.

Yup. As your business grows, so does your need to software that performs the tasks you need it to in the most efficient way. In fact, this is critical to the success of your business because just as the right software can help you level-up, the wrong software — or software you’ve outgrown — can drag you down.

A perfect example of this is your email marketing program. Email autoresponders are one of the first things my clients often outgrow. And, sadly, they often ignore that fact.

I get it — changing systems can be a painful endeavor. So, I also fully understand the temptation to avoid it as long as possible.

But, if you’re using a tool that no longer suits your needs you could be wasting your time, losing opportunities, and even money.

So, how do you know you’ve outgrown your current software?

The first sign is often that you can’t accomplish other other goals and tasks in your business the way you want to.

For instance, if you’re hosting a webinar and you want to send messages based on the specific date and time but you can’t because your current software isn’t sophisticated enough to do so.

So instead of upgrading your system, you come up with a complicated scheme to send some emails from your webinar software, some from your email email autoresponder, and some manually.

Sound complicated? Well, it is.

And also very inefficient.

The second sign is that integrating your email system with your payments and delivery is a struggle.

If you can’t easily accept payments and automatically deliver the product without your manual input, you’re also wasting time and energy. Plus, you are likely causing delays for the client, which is obviously not ideal from a customer service standpoint.

A third sign is a lack of automated follow-ups.

If you aren’t able to create the sequences you want to create in order to follow up with customers, new subscribers, or leads, then you could be (say it with me!) leaving money on the table.

If you suspect that you’re seeing any of these three signs in your business, worry not! I have some suggestions:

  • A bridge like Zapier is a good option for solving some common issues in the short-term (and even permanently in some cases).
  • Before you make any major decisions about switching systems, do your research. It’s important that the new system will perform the functions you need.
  • Don’t assume a fancy-pants system with all the bells and whistles is the answer either! Sometimes you only need a slightly different email provider with more features in one area.
  • Evaluate all of your options and consider a variety of factors such as pricing, capabilities, Integrations, ease of set-up, and ease-of-use when selecting your new email home.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you’re spending more time hacking things together or ignoring other important steps you need to take to grow your business, it’s time to start preparing for a move.

What kind of entrepreneur are you?


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