Is it time to stop learning and start doing?

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Strategic planning allows you to stay on track to meet your business goals. Here’s an overview of strategic planning and how to leverage it.

We’re taught from a very young age the power of learning. It is seen as a tool to unlock doors and provide opportunities we never imagined.

While all of this is entirely true, there comes a time when the pursuit of learning can actually hold us back from making true progress. Sometimes, we just have to stop learning and start doing as we grow our businesses.

But, how do we know it’s time to put a halt on learning?

Let’s look at two classic signs it’s time to get down to doing.

Chasing the Magic Bullet

It’s easy to pursue learning new skills as the magic bullet to solving all our problems as business owners. Countless programs and courses feed this myth by marketing their content as the thing that will make your business unrecognizable (in a good way). And while some do have amazing things to add to your arsenal, it is unlikely that one skill or piece of information will be the cure to any and all of your business woes.

If you find yourself taking course after course to find the answer to creating success, it’s highly likely that it’s time to stop learning and start implementing.

Stuck on Repeat

Another classic sign is that you’re repeating content over and over. While it’s always interesting to see new spins on old concepts, it’s unlikely that the fourth Facebook ads course is going to change much when all is said and done. Generally, when we keep repeating content like this, there’s some reason we’re not implementing it.

By revisiting the same content over and over, we are creating a perfect excuse for why we can’t or don’t move forward in the way we want to. This third sign can be the most damaging because it provides the perfect excuse for why we’re not accomplishing our goals. It is far easier to blame our need to learn more for our lack of progress than to dig down and figure out what’s really going on.

So Now What?

This begs the question – what should we do if we see this happening in our businesses or in our lives?

First, let’s stop and assess if we’re really learning something critical to our business – and something we truly don’t know.

There are important instances where new skills will help us create new revenue streams, increase business, or improve our lives. But, if the learning isn’t providing a tangible return, then it may not be needed.

Second, consider exactly how you are going to implement the new skills you are learning. There’s certainly a place or time to learn for learning’s sake. But, if you need to implement and execute to move your business forward you have to make a plan to actually get the work done before you’ll see results.

Third, set a deadline to get started. So often, we need to just dive in and get started before we’ll truly feel comfortable implementing. But, without a deadline, we’ll delay the plunge – perhaps out of fear, or resistance, or simply being too busy. A concrete deadline will encourage us to get done with the learning and get on with the doing.

So, I challenge you to consider whether you’re learning for a purpose or perhaps using it as a distraction. We are all capable of great and amazing things – but we have to get to work first to see any results!

There comes a time when the pursuit of learning can actually hold us back from making true progress. Sometimes, we just have to stop learning and start doing as we grow our businesses.

What kind of entrepreneur are you?


  1. C. René Washington

    Yes! Yes! And YASSSS!!! I’ve absolutely done too many classes and not enough execution. Eliminating the noise and staying accountable to implementation.

    • Tressa

      Me too! I’ve also seen it happen with clients. But eliminating the noise is so helpful because we nearly always have the answer if we listen to ourselves.

  2. Michele Madrigal

    It is so easy to get sucked into someone’s sales funnel. That’s how you know they’ve got some good content that’s reaching in and hooking something within you. That’s not a bad thing…until you’ve been sucked in too many times. I love this post! I was finding myself doing this because I kept following that “I’m not _____ enough” limiting belief, and there was still stuff I had to learn. My belief is that there is ALWAYS something to learn. That’s where growth and progress live. There’s also a rabbit hole we can fall into. I’ve started listening to my intuition more and following that, while implementing what I learn as I go. I learn it, I do it. That has helped me learn so much more, much more quickly, and it get’s into my unconscious mind where it then becomes my new way of being. Your content is so helpful! Thanks!

    • Tressa

      Right?!? I always admire good copywriting and marketing and I definitely agree that there’s always something to learn. But, getting down to business with executing and implementing IS the answer to learning well I think. So glad you enjoyed!


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