When It’s Time to Hire an Online Business Manager

As your business grows, you will likely come to a point where you feel like you’re ready to bring on some help more focused on strategic decisions to take some of the weight off your shoulder. So, how do you know you need an online business manager added to the mix?

Sometimes there is a distinct dissatisfaction with your current team, but other times, it’s more a feeling that something is missing. It can be hard to identify when an online business manager is needed.

Let’s look at some classic signs I see with potential clients that show they’re in need of my type of support.

You’re the Bottleneck

This is a classic sign you need to bring on someone who can help make decisions and manage workflow strategically. When you are the primary point of contact for all things your team needs, it’s very easy to become the bottleneck that slows everything down.

But when you’re working with VAs or basic admin support, you may not want them making strategic decisions or approvals. An online business manager (sometimes called an integrator) generally has the experience and knowledge to make decisions and direct the team on your behalf once they have a basic understanding of your preferences, policies, and systems.

This is especially true of day-to-day things that happen frequently. One of the first things I can take off clients’ plates is quality control and troubleshooting. These are two common causes of bottlenecks when it comes to getting things done.

Projects Seem to Stall

Another common sign is when projects become a never-ending issue for the team. This could look like when things start strong but then consistently stall part-way through. The lags often come from everyone waiting on you for answers, content, or approvals or because you’re the one doing all the legwork to figure things out.

It’s also possible that the projects never really get off the ground in the first place. You have a great idea and know it’s valuable to the business to execute, but you can’t seem to get the project off the ground. I see this happen for two key reasons:

1. You, as the business owner, have too much going on to devote the time to putting together a project plan and getting everyone on board.

2. You are great at the big ideas and big vision, but project planning is really not your thing, so it never happens.

I get both of these! When you’re just getting started, the scope of projects and the sheer quality of what you have going on is generally small. But as your business grows, often, so do both of these things. This is an excellent time to bring in someone with the strategic and planning skills needed to take this off your plate.

An online business manager can fill the role of a project manager in many cases to help ensure that projects get properly set up as well as actually reach completion.

You Spend Too Much Time in the Business to Work on the Business.

This often manifests itself in a variety of ways, so it can be hard to pinpoint what’s happening. There are generally a few reasons that lead to this:

1. You’re too busy directing the team to execute their tasks that a huge portion of your day gets eaten up managing your team.

2. You spend too much time researching the tools, methods, and necessary steps for your team that you don’t have time left over in the day.

3. You simply get caught up in answering all the questions all the time that you never get a chance to work on the business.

I struggle with this as well serving so many clients in my business, and I certainly see it in their businesses. Sometimes the root cause is a lack of systems, but it’s almost always combined with having someone on the team who can take a lot of the day-to-day management of the team off your plate so you can redirect that time and energy towards working on the business. Having an online business manager can fill this role in your business, so you don’t have to.

Generally, you are the only one who can work on the business to help it grow, so it only makes sense to offload other tasks tied to running the business.

Your Team Is Good, but There’s Something Missing.

So often, when potential clients come to me, they aren’t really sure what they need. They aren’t even sure if there is a problem because their existing team is excellent at what they do. Many times, the business owner almost feels like they themselves are the issue because, while the team is amazing, they still feel like they’re missing something essential to help them get to the next level.

Whether your team is killing it or not is not a true indication of needing an integrator. Generally, how you are functioning and able to move the business forward is a better guide. If you feel there’s a missing link that would allow you to systematize, streamline, prioritize and get more done with greater ease, then you very likely need the type of higher-level help an online business manager can provide.

Is now the time to add an online business manager to your team?

Helping business owners determine if they need my type of help is one of my favorite things to do, so if you’re stuck wondering, reach out! I’d love to help you figure out if now is the time to add an online business manager to your team.

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Looking for someone to help run your business? Here’s what you need to know about determining when it’s time to hire an online business manager.

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