A common time saving strategy I’ve heard over and over again when it comes to marketing is to repurpose your content.

But, I often find that my clients have no idea where to even begin when it comes to repurposing content.

So today, I’m giving you tips on how you can reuse content you’ve already created.

1. Creating Social Media Content

Many entrepreneurs post their blog posts or newsletters on various social media channels. But, you can also use these posts to create stand-alone content to post on social.

For instance, go through your last 3-5 blog posts and pull out short, actionable sections that could be used as tips or motivational posts for your audience. Depending on the length, you could use them for a variety of channels.

And, consider using your tips with images too! Then, you have two ways to reuse that blog content in addition to simply posting the blog itself. Win and win!

2. Turn your newsletters into blogs (or vice versa)

If you write separate material for your blogs and newsletters, you’re generating a lot of different pieces of content. So, why not repurpose it by repurposing your newsletters as blog posts?


Here’s how to do it: take a look at what you’ve written recently and see how it fits together. Can you turn several newsletters into a blog post?

For instance, I recently wrote a series of business lessons I learned as newsletters. So now, I’m going back through them to see which ones go well together. From ten newsletters, I found three topics that could work as posts.

I’ll take the content from the various newsletters, organize it into the topics, and then fill in the gaps. While not every topic is a complete post to start with, it still gives me a decent chunk to start with.

3. What old worksheets, workbooks, e-books, opt-ins, bonuses, etc. do you have lying around?

Virtually every business owner I’ve worked with has tons of content lying around. Whether it’s a bonus for a program you no longer offer or an opt-in you no longer promote, consider how it can be repurposed.

Whether you use it as content for an upcoming program or product, or you use it to help you systematize your services, it will certainly save you time and be more useful than just sitting in a file somewhere.

This content is also often ripe for reusing in blog posts. Again, you may not have a complete post, but maybe you have 50 or 75% of one! Start with the existing content and then fill in the gaps. You’ll likely save yourself time by doing this rather than starting from scratch. You may also be able to outsource some of this! See if your VA can do some of the heavy lifting on finding and organizing existing content. So. much. time. saved.

Pro Tip: Taking the time to organize your content pays off in droves in the long run. Use an editorial calendar to keep your content easily accessible. This makes it easy to see what you’ve recently talked about, plus it makes it more efficient to repurpose later.

So, this week I challenge you to dig in to some of the old content you have laying around. Shine it up and send it out into the world to get some love a second time around!