We all need help sometimes. Here’s the story of how I helped transform Courtney Chaal from an overwhelmed entrepreneur to successful CEO.

Helping Courtney Chaal Transform into Successful CEO with the Help of Tressa Beheim, Online Business Manager

Meet Courtney Chaal, CEO of The Rule Breakers Club and the creator of Yay For Clients. As a coach and mentor, Courtney has worked for the past five years works with female entrepreneurs on how to package and book out signature services.

Like most entrepreneurs building and scaling a business, she found herself trying to do everything herself, and after several years of holding it all together, Courtney knew she was quickly approaching a breaking point.

As Courtney explains, “I was managing everything — all the day to day work on top of my clients — and it became apparent that there was a bottleneck: me. I wanted to create content, make sales, and talk to people. I want to be front-facing, but I was spending so much time behind-the-scenes in the business. Plus, my team would come to me with questions, and I felt like I had to micromanage everything. I knew this was not how I wanted to spend my time.”

Having hired a virtual assistant to take some of the workload off her plate, she quickly realized it just wasn’t going to be enough.

“Things were falling through the cracks, and we didn’t have a good project management system in place. I was doing my best, and although I’m really good at organizing things, I’m not good at maintaining the organization. I’d create a project plan, and nobody would follow it. It was a hot mess.”

It’s Time to Get Serious

Knowing she needed help, Courtney’s first thought was to hire someone to take care of her Infusionsoft work. Having been introduced to me, an online business manager, through another client, she approached her to see if she could help.

After meeting with me to discuss her needs, it quickly became apparent to Courtney that what her business truly needed was someone who could fully integrate into her day-to-day operations.

“I told Tressa I needed someone to help me with Infusionsoft, and she said while she could definitely help, it sounded like what I actually needed was an online business manager. Throughout our discussion, I realized what I thought I needed was manifesting as an Infusionsoft issue, but the real issue was that I was trying to manage everything, and as a result, slowing the work down. I was the visionary, but my operations were horrific. I didn’t even realize it was that bad until I met Tressa!”

With this new clarity on what her business really needed, she shifted her plans knowing she needed someone who she could rely on day in, day out. Despite some apprehension, Courtney knew this was a critical turning point if she wanted to continue moving her business forward.

“Tressa helped me come to the conclusion that I needed someone who was working at a higher level. I wasn’t looking for someone that would need hand-holding; I needed someone who could work in partnership with me and be a decision-maker. I knew deep down I couldn’t grow if I didn’t address this massive gap in my business. Tressa was exactly the person I needed.”

Tressa to the Rescue

At the outset of working together, Courtney let me know she had some issues with trusting her team due to past experiences. She quickly learned that when I said something was being handled, it was taken care of — 100%.

“One of the first things Tressa did was help me make a list of everything that I was doing that I didn’t like or found frustrating. She made a spreadsheet and immediately started identifying things she could take on. She outlined everything that was needed to run the business, who was doing what, and which items needed to be handed off immediately. She explained that as we progressed in working together, she would continue to assess my workload and point out things I needed to stop doing. This process forced me to get focused and intentional with the work I was taking on. I was blown away by her initiative, and most of all, I was SO relieved.”

As ideas for how things needed to change came into focus, a partnership was formed. Courtney now had not only the operations help she needed but also a sounding board to support her in making better business decisions.

“Tressa isn’t a ‘yes woman.’ She hears what you’re saying, provides validation, and then thoughtfully makes recommendations. She would tell me she understood what I was thinking or feeling and then help me figure out what specifically it was I needed. She respected me as the business owner while being confident and taking initiative in her role as the operations manager. She’s such a straight shooter and exactly the type of person every business needs.”

Because of the level of reliability I demonstrated, after only a few months into working together, Courtney made a bold decision and decided to leave the country on vacation for two weeks, to a destination where she would have no access to WiFi — something every small business owner knows takes a giant leap of faith.

“During those two weeks I was gone, Tressa flawlessly executed a promotion that was really successful in bringing in income. We set revenue goals that were met, she managed the promotion from start to finish, and I was able to come home after my vacation to my business and clients all being taken care of. It was an incredible feeling.”

A Partnership to Last for the Long Haul

Two and a half years later, Courtney’s business looks totally different than it did before we started working together.

“Our work together is a collaboration. I’m now able to truly embrace my role as the visionary of the business and let go of the ‘how’ because I know that’s where Tressa excels. I can let go of all the little operations things that take up space in my brain and create stress. I can spend my time doing the things I love. Best of all, I get to be in my zone of genius, and she gets to be in hers.”

Once our partnership was on solid footing and I had spent time implementing the operational structure, we were able to move onto bigger plans for scaling the business. We’ve been able to move away from a launch model to an evergreen one where we’re able to seamlessly relaunch courses and promotions by replicating the processes I’ve put in place.

Most of all, Courtney has found the person she didn’t even know her business needed.

“There are projects in action, yet I have nothing assigned to me because we have the right systems and processes in place. I feel so empowered having her as part of my team because our strengths and weaknesses balance each other out. We divide and conquer, and it feels like I have a totally new job now. I’m the CEO instead of being a frantic small business owner. The difference in productivity and profitability — as well as my stress levels — is like night and day.”

When asked what she would have to say to anyone considering working with me, Courtney had this to say:

“Tressa is absolutely incredible. If you’re looking for someone to be your right hand, if you’re ready to let go and become the visionary and allow someone to fulfill the role of being that implementer, then you’re ready for Tressa. It’s not just about making more money — it’s about mindset too. It’s about building a better business. When you work with Tressa, your business transforms and reaches a place you didn’t know was possible. Your sanity is restored. And once you have her, you will never ever want to let her go.”

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